Your reliable partner for water treatment

We are your partner if you are looking for an individual water treatment plant in the field of industry or power houses. From planning and construction to the turn-key plant, we accompany you as a certified specialist company according to WHG ยง 19 I.

Consulting & Service

We do our utmost to provide you with customer proximity, flexibility and short communication and decision-making paths at favourable prices. This is easy for us, because we are a small, high-performance company.

We master both, modern and proven procedures. Especially in the fields of boiler feed water treatment, condensate treatment and cooling water treatment, we can rely on a high degree of experience and expert knowledge.

About us

Our company was founded in 1999 by Hans-Peter Karrasch and Dipl.-Ing. Otto Eckert and since then it has asserted itself on the market with great success. From 2013 to 2016, our company founders took their well-earned retirement. The company has continued to develop ever since then.

Today, our team is headed by Manuela Saller, who worked for many years for one of the world's leading water treatment companies. Now she successfully brings her valuable know-how to our company. She has gained a lot of experience especially in the fields of construction, handling as well as organisation and planning.

Our plants are both sold within Germany as well as exported worldwide. In addition to direct operators, our customers also include numerous well-known resellers from the power houses, steam boiler and plant construction sectors.